RunSignup Now Offers FREE Unlimited Results For ALL Timers

And Unlimited RaceDay Photos and TXT Messages as Part of the RaceDay Suite

RunSignup is pleased to announce free unlimited RaceDay Results,  unlimited TXT messaging, and RaceDay Photos for all timers and races. The new policy is effective immediately and simplifies the previous credit system. This change supports our strategy to deliver unprecedented value for timers with RunSignup’s RaceDay Suite and RaceDay Scoring, and demonstrates our support for the timers and events who have embraced RunSignup’s platform.

Timers use RaceDay Results to deliver real-time scored finisher results data through a web interface and can be readily accessed through mobile devices. RaceDay Results also offers dynamic Leaderboards also available via web interfaces to quickly get results data to participants and spectators.

What has Changed:

  • Removal of system caps.  RunSignup has removed the limits for issuing results or sending text results or photos on race day.  This means on race day, results will go out with ease. You don’t need to worry about how many credits you have left and neither do we. 
  • New FREE unlimited RaceDay Results from any source or scoring platform. As always, we are keeping things open to create the flexibility that is essential for any timer business. 
  • New unlimited RaceDay Photos and TXT messaging of splits, results, and emergency messages (not for marketing purposes) as part of the RaceDay Suite license.

How to Get Unlimited Results, TXT Messaging & RaceDay Photos:

  • All Races that use RunSignup or GiveSignup for registration will now automatically have this as a FREE available service.
  • All Timers in the industry can now take advantage of RunSignup’s RaceDay Results at no charge and are able to utilize any scoring or registration platform.  Although… RaceDay Scoring is the future of scoring and something timers should be considering, if they haven’t already started the transition. 
  • Timers who purchase the RaceDay Suite License will now have access to unlimited TXT messaging of splits and results in addition to unlimited integrated RaceDay Photos – even if registration is on another platform for a race. Timers may use RaceDay Scoring, the Race Director, RunScore, Agee, RMTiming or any other scoring platform alongside RaceDay Scoring to issue results and photos. 

RaceDay Suite License:

For timers and event management companies

RunSignup’s RaceDay Suite includes timer race day tools such as RaceDay Scoring, The Race Director, RaceDay Results, TXT messages, RaceDay Photos, and RaceDay CheckIn. RaceDay Certified timers also receive special pricing arrangements for RaceJoy.

RaceDay Suite License Pricing

# of ParticipantsPricing
Up to 2,500$150
Unlimited $50,000

Add up all participants you plan to use RaceDay Scoring and The Race Director. For those events you may not be using either of these scoring solutions, but still want to provide RunSignup’s TXT messaging service or RaceDay Photos: add all participants that you plan to provide with the TXT messaging service and RaceDay Photos over the next 12 months (regardless of registration platform). 

RunSignup, GiveSignup Discount:

Timers then discount the price above for those races that use RunSignup or GiveSignup for their primary registration and Cross Country participants using the following discount matrix:

RunSignup, GiveSignup Discount Matrix

# of Registrations on RunSignup, GiveSignup or XC participantsDiscount Net Price, if ALL RSU/GSU Races
5,000-9,999$100 $300
10,000-24,999$200 $450
25,000-49,999$400 $500
50,000-74,999$800 $700
75,000 – 99,999$1,200 $800
100,000 – 249,999$4,000 $1,000
250,000 – 500,000$8,000 $2,000
500,001+$40,000 $10,000


What happens to the credits I previously purchased?

You now have unlimited use and no limits are being applied. This change is effective immediately. 

How long is the RaceDay Suite license good for?

The RaceDay Suite license is a renewable 12 month license. 

Where do I purchase the RaceDay Suite license?

Access your RunSignup Timer Dashboard and purchase through the Software License tab. 

Some of my races don’t use RunSignup. How do I determine the price?

Using RaceDayResults is free. If you wish to use the TXT Messaging service to issue splits and results or RaceDay Photos, add up all the participants you plan to use RaceDay Scoring, Race Director, TXT messages, and/or RaceDay Photos and choose that tier. Then, discount the price by the number of participants that are using RunSignup or GiveSignup for registration using the discount matrix. 

What if I’m not using RaceDay Scoring or The Race Director?

RaceDay Results are free for all timers regardless of scoring or registration platform. If you are a timer and want to use RunSignup’s TXT messaging or RaceDay Photos, you will need to purchase the RaceDay Suite license.  Select the # of participants you plan to use RunSignup’s TXT messages for over the course of the next 12 months.  

I’m using RaceDay Scoring and Race Director for some of my races and another scoring solution for other races, which pricing tier do I select?

Add together those that you plan to provide scoring using RaceDay Scoring/The Race Director along with those you plan to provide RunSignup’s TXT messages or RaceDay Photos using the other scoring solution. 

I’ve been hearing about RaceDay Scoring and would like to check it out. What do I do?

Many timers are making the transition to RaceDay Scoring to replace older technology and to take advantage of software that is crafted using the latest and greatest software combined with the historical knowledge embedded with The Race Director scoring solution. As we like to say, the future is now. So, we recommend timers start becoming familiar with RaceDay Scoring now and by following a staged approach. We have a lot of great tools on how to get started and product features here.

You can also contact Crisp McDonald to schedule a demo and talk through the product’s features.  

What is the RaceDay Suite?

The RaceDay Suite is a comprehensive suite of race day products for timers to increase their revenue, gain efficiencies and streamline the race day process while helping to transform the race day experience. The keystone product of the suite is RaceDay Scoring, the future of scoring for the industry. From RaceDay Registration to RaceDay CheckIn to participant tracking with RaceJoy’s mobile race day experience, timers are empowered with a competitive suite of race day technology. 

How can I offer RaceJoy?

Timers can offer RaceJoy as an add-on service by becoming RaceDay Certified. The next certification is at RunSignup’s Winter Symposium in January, 2020.

What does it mean for a timer to be RaceDay Certified?

Timers that are RaceDay Certified have undergone at least one full day of extensive training on RunSignup’s RaceDay Suite with an emphasis on RaceDay Scoring and RaceJoy. Certified Timers receive special pricing arrangements for RaceJoy, the industry’s leading participant tracking solution, and are able to offer it as an add-on service to their events. Certified Timers also receive other benefits such as a RunSignup-sponsored program to host race director meetings, one-on-one training, promotion and recognition in RunSignup’s media outlets, and many more benefits. 

How do I become RaceDay Certified?

RunSignup’s next RaceDay Certification training will be held at its Winter Symposium on January 14 in Orlando, Florida. Space is limited so that one-on-one assistance can be provided. 

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