Sales Tax: Taxability Address

With the release of the new Sales Tax system, we need to have an accurate, valid address for your race. This is used to determine taxability in the system. There are lots of examples – your race is in a park or you specify a corner or landmark in your race address.

Note this is needed for all races, even if your race is a nonprofit. Taxability address determines the tax rules that apply to both for profit and nonprofit entities. Next week we will have a page that will allow races to set up their exemption status.

We have a “Taxability Address” setup page on your dashboard that is separate from your race address (so you can still direct people to the park, but pay taxes on 1000 Park Drive):

If your race address is not valid via our automated checking mechanism, then we will put a message at the top of your race dashboard asking you to update this:

We will being running an automated script today to check your address, so that will be the reason you are seeing this.

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