Partner Introduction: ROADiD

We have a handful of partners for our upcoming Winter Symposium. Since we’re working with vendors that we know and trust (they all work with customers of ours!), we want to introduce you to each of them in advance of the event!

Meet: ROAD iD

Who can we meet at the 2020 Winter Symposium?
Allison Howell, the Strategic Partnership Director at ROAD iD

What’s ROAD iD all about?
We want to A) Give you $.10 per registration and B) Give each of your participants a Free $10 ROAD iD Gift Card! With 15 seconds of effort, you can enable this simple partnership that will save lives, fuel adventure, and put some extra cash in your pocket.

What’s the piece of work that you are most proud of?
ROAD iD’s purpose is to save lives, provide peace of mind, and fuel adventure. We are most proud when our product is used to accomplish these things. Below are a few stories (of many) that highlight how ROAD iDs have been used to improve the outcome of race day accidents. 

We sourced his information from his Road ID

I am a Primary Care Physician with expertise in Sports Medicine. I started working as a Race Doctor back in 1985 and worked on the Nissan Classic Tour of Ireland. From there, I went on to work all the Professional Tours in the UK. I came across one of your Road IDs on an injured cyclist one day. He was unable to tell me his important personal information, nor could he recall the contact phone numbers that we needed. Thankfully, we noticed he was wearing a Road ID, and we were able to source his information.

As an active cyclist myself, I live in fear of being injured, so Road ID ticks a lot of boxes for me. Well done. I now wear my Road ID all the time when I am cycling. I have been telling everyone I know what a great idea it is. 

Keep up the good work!

David C. Wexford, Ireland

I was running The Boston Marathon in 2013…

I was running the Boston Marathon in 2013. My husband was spectating. We were both wearing Road ID. Long story short… my husband was injured in the explosion at the Forum restaurant. I was running and stopped just short of Herferd Street when police closed the course. The hospital used my husband’s Road ID to reach family and eventually me when I was able to get to my bag/phone. I used my Road ID to call family and friends whose numbers I don’t have memorized when I didn’t have my phone and was borrowing from other runners. Road ID played a huge role in sorting through the chaos of the day for us.

Jac F. Redondo Beach, CA

The day I lined up to run the Chicago Marathon, it was very hot and humid, almost 90 degrees…

I purchased my ROAD iD when I started training for the Chicago Marathon. Like many others, I never thought I would ever need to actually use it (spoiler: I was wrong). The day I lined up to run the Chicago Marathon, it was very hot and humid, almost 90 degrees, but I still believed I could accomplish my goal—to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I was on mile 19 when I suffered a major heat stroke and passed out. I don’t remember much, but the medical staff quickly noticed the ROAD iD on my wrist and called my husband. He arrived at the medical tent just as I was being loaded in the ambulance.

Later, while still in the hospital, I was told the race had been canceled at mile 16 and that 6,500 runners were forced to end their marathon. Hundreds of runners were being transported to different hospitals located close to the race route. The hospitals were taken by surprise and many runners were not as lucky as I was in tracking down their family members.

The Chicago Marathon of 2007 was a chaotic scene, but my ROAD iD saved the day. Two months later on a cool day in Memphis, I qualified for the Boston Marathon. As I lined up in Hopkinton, my thoughts flashed back to that day in Chicago. Moments later, the gun went off and I began the greatest road race I have ever run. My watch was on my left wrist with my ROAD iD on my right. Thank you ROAD iD for developing a unique product that saves critical time in the midst of a crisis.

by Gina W. September 07, 2018

My ROAD iD allowed my parents to be contacted.

I want you to know that my Road ID may have saved my life on Sunday.  I was running the Surf City half marathon when I went into full anaphylaxis shock at mile 10.  I struggled to finish the race. When I crossed the finish line, I could not speak, breathe, or see. I was taken immediately to the Medical Tent. I heard someone yell “RESPIRATORY” and remember being surrounded by doctors and nurses.  They injected an EpiPen into my right hip, forced 3 Benadryl pills down my throat, started an IV and strapped on an oxygen mask. My oxygen was very low, as was my blood pressure and heartbeat. The doctor said that I was not getting any air into my lungs and to call 911.  I just kept thinking…”How did this happen…am I about to die?” The ambulance came and I was quickly transported to the hospital. The nurses and MDs, during these desperate moments, were trying to get my contact information to call my family.

My Road ID allowed my parents to be contacted. The hospital was then able to get the information they needed to properly process my paperwork and medical history. I have never had such a serious scare when running. I hope I never will again.  I take great comfort, however, in knowing I will always have my Road ID with me. I plan on wearing it all the time now…not just when I am out running. You just never know what can happen.

Note:  I originally bought my Road ID (and my sister’s) for training runs when we go out alone.  I never thought the place I would end up needing it would be at a race with 40,000 other people around.  I actually only wore it that day because it matched my outfit. 🙂 It was pink and so was my running skirt. Thank you again for what you do.

by Allison B. September 06, 2018

What’s the process like for a race that is interested in working with you?
It’s a snap. You can connect with Allison Howell ( or you can simply enable the partnership in the “National Sponsors” tab in YOUR RunSignUp dashboard.

What do you like about working in the endurance industry?
The people! It is rewarding to have the opportunity to work with like-minded folks that are passionate about adventure, endurance sports, and the outdoors.  

If a race wants to setup a meeting with you, how do they contact you (at or outside the Winter Symposium)?
Contact Allison Howell via call/text 513-410-2209 (preferred) or email

Thanks for partnering with us, ROAD iD!

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