RunSignup CRM Success Story

A large race that opened registration on RunSignup yesterday wanted to be able to see which participants registered from different links that they use to market their race. This is important to the race because:

  • They can allocate marketing spend towards channels and ads that have the best return on sign ups, transactions, and/or donations; additionally, they can stop spending money on channels and ads that do not have as good of a return.
  • They can do A/B testing to segmented email audiences to determine which email layout and call to action is the most effective in terms of sign up conversions (this is even more effective with RunSignup CRM’s Mailchimp exports). 
  • They can export a list of participants who signed up via a Facebook post or ad and do a targeted ad to that group to refer a friend, or create an effective lookalike audience (this is even easier with RunSignup CRM’s Facebook and Google custom audience exports).
  • They can determine which Sign Up calls to action on their website are most effective.
  • Etc.

RunSignup’s free all-in-one platform enabled the race to do this in an incredibly powerful and efficient way. With RunSignup it’s possible to:

Build a complete picture of marketing performance.
All team members can easily view and evaluate the impact that different marketing strategies had on registrations, powered by the RaceInsights analytics engine.

Easily view insights that are unique to races. Google Analytics is powerful, but it is complicated and not built for races. RaceInsights has all the power of Google Analytics, and provides insights unique to races. For each custom marketing source, the race is able to drill into all of their marketing sources to view analytics on website clicks, registrations, and transactions – split between sign ups and donations.

Connect analytics and insights to results. RunSignup CRM lets you view and generate source analytics reports at 2 levels:

  • Individual registration source:
  • Filtered participant lists based on registration source:

Take actions on insights and results. For each filtered list created, the race can take targeted actions, including:

Set Up

To set this up on RunSignup, the race did the following:

  • Created source tracking codes for each of the sign up links that they used to promote registration opening. If you are creating a link for a paid ad, you can enter the amount that you have budgeted (this will let you view ROI for each ad).
  • When they created each email, Facebook post, ad, and website call-to-action, they used that specific and auto-generated source code URL instead of the regular registration URL.
  • To create filtered participant lists based on registration source, the race went to CRM >> Create List.
  • When you select Participants, the filters that you can apply will appear. Select Analytics. You can either enter a URL (i.e. to generate a list of all participants who registered via Google), or you can select one or multiple custom source codes (no need to copy and paste!).
  • Add a name to your list and click Save.
  • This will redirect you to CRM >> Saved Lists. From there, you can click on the dropdown to take actions on the filtered list you created.

We are excited to share this success story because it shows the power of RunSignup’s all-in-one platform built on an embedded CRM. RaceInsights has the analytics power of Google Analytics. RunSignup’s CRM lets you take actions on your analytics. Plus, our user-friendly site makes your data, insights, and actions intuitive and actionable.

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