New Custom Digital Bibs!

We are excited to share that events are now able to issue Virtual Bibs to participants for traditional and virtual events. These pre-race bibs are an effective way to communicate bib numbers and add another tangible component for virtual event experiences. Participants can share their official bib on social media, which in turn helps promote the event. Those completing an onsite virtual course can print and wear their official race-branded bib to indicate to others they are in the midst of a race and receive supportive shout outs from the local community.

Race organizers have the option of creating fully custom designed bibs or use a standard adjustable RunSignup template. Assigned bib numbers are then applied to the chosen design.

Using a visual format of a race bib helps participants to quickly see their bib number.

Participants can access their bib numbers from their race profile as shown below.

Participants can then easily share their bib through different outlets or print to post on a wall as a self motivator or wear as they complete the course.

The Virtual Race Bibs setup and access is super easy. Below are some quick how-to guides.

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