Partner Spotlight: Boulder Bibs Provides Reliable Service

We have always been hesitant to bring in sponsors for our Symposiums because we want to keep the focus of our events is on learning and improving events, not sales. But we are including a curated list partners that we know and trust for this year’s Winter Symposium, and we want to take a little time over the next few months to introduce you to a few of the companies that are supporting us (and our customers).

Next up, Boulder Bibs, was one of the first companies to sign on for our 2020 Summer Symposium before it was unable to proceed. They’ve kept in contact over the last year and a half as they worked to meet the rapidly changing demands of the endurance industry.

Meet Boulder Bibs

Who is Boulder Bibs? At Boulder Bibs, we print race bibs, but also are available to assist with the design on the bibs with no additional charge. We are proud of our customer service and response times, especially during this trying time..

Who can we meet at the Symposium? Kelly Tinley and Jen Simpson will be on-site to answer all your questions about bibs. Find them in the Foyer on Tuesday – and ask them about their Partner Pages! Want to reach out digitally? Email anytime.

Want to learn more about bibs? We love this blog from Boulder Bibs reviewing the differences between different types of bib paper – including a tear test!

Check out some of the latest work by Boulder Bibs here:

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