Endurance Industry Vendors Offer Coronavirus Solutions

We’ve been seeing some social media posts and press releases about industry vendors who are changing manufacturing goals, repurposing products, and supporting virtual races.

If you’re an endurance industry vendor with something to contribute, email us and let us know!

Manufacturing PPE

PPE (personal protective equipment) is in short supply across the country. These vendors have started manufacturing new products to help.

ViewSPORT: The 2019 Supplier Partner for Ironman has pivoted to PPE, with a line of FDA compliant N95 and Surgical masks for facilities in the US and UK.

Leslie Jordan: The established apparel vendor has taken up PPE and become and FDA registered business. They are currently manufacturing 3-layer and KN95 masks and gowns in addition to washable, reusable cloth face masks for civilian use.

Alanic 777: The active wear company has joined with their sister company, CleanHealthUSA, to provide protective gear to the public while supporting Feeding America and local races. The program provides a 7% discount on the protective gear, a 7% donation back to the race, and a 7% donation to Feeding America. You can check out sample communications from races taking advantage of the program here.

Repurposing Products

With online tutorials to make masks out of everything from a bandana to a t-shirt, we’re all getting a little creative with our materials. These companies are taking products they’ve always made and figuring out how to use them in new ways.

BibBoards: The producer of a reusable, hole-free solution to attaching bibs to clothing is offering the same snaps as a more comfortable closure for personnel who wear masks and face coverings for long periods of time.

Leslie Jordan: In addition to the new products mentioned above, Leslie Jordan’s standard facemasks can be repurposed as civilian facial coverings.

Fulfillment for Virtual Races

Many physical races have no idea how to ship a single race packet – much less hundreds or thousands of them. Swag companies are getting in the game

Negative Split Productions now offers a turnkey virtual race services that can provide help setting up and fulfilling your virtual race. They can handle everything from start to finish by providing complete no-touch service or simply provide individual services as needed. They support Registration setup, User submitted results, design services, race items, and shipping and fulfillment. They have a dedicated page to enter your requirements – https://www.mynegativesplit.com/virtual.

Boulder Bibs: Boulder Bibs offers a full range of fulfillment services. They can build race packets (including custom bibs and all other race swag) and ship directly to participants. Contact them via sales@boulderbibs.com.

emedia: emedia has a fulfillment department capable of printing and mailing shirts and bibs individually to virtual participants – and if they order bibs and tshirts, the bibs are free and both could be shipped together.

Virgo3 and exosports: With 18 years of experience fulfilling swag orders for endurance events, they can ship from LA and Philadelphia locations to anywhere in the country utilizing RunSignup, excel, or shopify databases. For information, contact Wendi@Virgo3.com or Andre@exosports.com.

JWalls Ink: JWalls offers a variety of marketing products, and can both guide artistic decisions and provide fullfillment services direct to participants.

Always Advancing: Always Advancing offers medals, shirts, and other swag, as well as storage and fulfillment services direct to runners for Virtual Races.

Leslie Jordan: In addition to supplying swag, including shirts, masks, medals, and much more, Leslie Jordan also does fulfillment for virtual events. Reach out for more information about fulfillment.

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