Race Status Survey

We added a race status survey that helps us understand the status of your race in determining the appropriate reserve, especially post race, several weeks ago. It is available on your race dashboard:

We recently added a place to upload a Government Order that states that your race has been cancelled or postponed. We will use this to help fight chargebacks, although it seems that VISA is not seeing this as a reason that a race can take a cardholder’s money still. We do not yet have enough data to see if it helps with other card brands.

You have the option of uploading a PDF – this might be the print out of an email from a local government like your township that states you had to postpone or cancel your race. There is also an option to enter a URL to a website that contains the order. We have all 50 current state orders for stay at home, and have been using those in chargeback challenges.

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