Live Map Tracking for Challenges

The next release of our Challenge software is now available – live map tracking. You can see it live on some challenges already – for example the Buckeye Challenge (yes, the challenge is to run around the perimeter of Ohio).

This results page will be improved by the end of the week, but the map feature is now working. It shows an icon based on mileage from the start of your map.

You can also search for add show other participants on your map:

All you need to do is create your own rout in a mapping tool like MapMyRun or Google Maps and export it as a KML file. Then you will upload it to the Goals Page on the Virtual Race Dashboard:

That is it. As your participants proceed toward their goal, their marker will appear at that distance along your map from your map starting point on their individual pages.

We will be adding mapping features in other places to as we release more challenge software – for example on the teams page once we have that finished in a few weeks. We are also going to be adding a stylized version for cover pages and aggregate totals.

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