Cross Country Summer Training Challenges

High school and college cross country teams use the challenge platform to not only track summer training, but also for fundraising. We have created two examples that Bob is in the process of getting approval to use at the high school he used to coach at (Moorestown) and where he ran in college (Bucknell).

You can try the Bucknell example (it is on a test server so the money is fake and you can just enter 4111 1111 1111 1111 for the credit card number). It is meant to be a fundraiser targeting and engaging alumni (we are awaiting University approval for this as a fundraiser). There is a $35 fee to register, and the runners will get shirts:

Participants can also donate, or become a fundraiser. Each participant can pick their own goal, and we also collect which decade they graduated. Participants log their own activities and keep track of everyone on the results page:

The High School example is live and awaiting promotion from the coaches. It is structured differently – it is meant to help encourage the high school runners to log their miles. We have multiple goal mileages to target:

In this example, we set up Groups and Teams – and predefined:

  • Girls 2020 Team
  • Boys 2020 Team
  • Alumni
  • Supporters

When we release the team capabilities in June, this will allow for a bit of competition for miles run on each team.

The cost is $0, since we anticipate mostly team members will log their activity. We have a donate capability so hopefully we raise a bit of money for the team.

Let us know if your high school or college team implements this idea and how you set it up! Cross country is the best, and hopefully will be run this fall…

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