Challenge Activity Timelines and User Experience Updates

After thousands of people logged their miles this weekend for challenges like The Jersey Virtual Challenge and the Buckeye State Challenge, we accelerated the release of a new user interface to make it even easier for people to log their activity. There are 3 major updates:

  1. Log a single activity screen
  2. Activity Timeline Component
  3. Don’t require a log in each time participants log their miles (validate by email or last 4 digits of phone number instead)

This is the new results page interface, which also shows the live map tracking (and Marlise’s “walk with a few bits of running”):

Log a single activity

Users can now click Log Activities at the top of their results page to submit their activity:

They are taken to a simple screen where they are prompted to log a single activity:

When you submit an activity, you get a success message:

From the success screen it is simple for participants to do 3 things:

  • Add another activity
  • Manage past activities logged, making it simple to edit and update
  • View results (either by clicking the x in the upper right hand corner or the hyperlink at the bottom of the page)

There is clear messaging that activity logged will take between 1 and 3 minutes to show on the results page – this is accelerated, and ensures that people can see updates right away.

If your challenge lets participants set their own goal, there will also be an option to set and update the goal below Recorded Activity:

Activity Timeline Component

On the individual results page, there is a new Activity Timeline that shows the most recent activity first, with options to See All activity on the page, and simple pagination to view Older activity. The date, distance/quantity, and comments are displayed in a stylized way that makes it fun for participants to look back on their miles, push ups, walks, fish caught, holes of golf played, books read, etc. (people are getting really creative with challenges!)

There are also simple options for your participants to update or delete an activity.

No Log In Required

There is a new setting under Race Day Tools >> Enhanced Virtual Race >> Set Up Virtual Race that lets participants log activity without logging in each time. Click the Edit Enhanced Features button:

At the bottom of the page there is a new setting, “Allow participants to upload results quicker by entering their E-mail or last 4 digits of their phone number instead of logging in.”

When I’m not logged in to RunSignup, I can still click Log Activities from my results page. Before I’m able to log activity, I must enter either the email or last 4 digits of my phone number that I used when I signed up for the challenge:

Please note that even with this feature enabled, there’s still an option for any individual user to require a full log in each time for their results.

The features our team released this morning will improve your participants’ challenge experiences, reduce your customer support overhead, and make the challenge even more fun with stylized results pages that people want to share with family and friends. And of course, there are a lot more features coming!

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