Race Car Track Lap Challenge

Another interesting example of challenges is a race car track (of course you can do a regular 400 meter running track but we thought this was kind of fun to try). Note how the goal is on laps – in the case 200. The map works as well – even though this is a map of the Indy speedway at 2.5 miles each, it shows how Matt has made a number of laps and show where he is after the specific number of miles he has run:

You can set up a lap challenge in the first step of the Enhanced Virtual Race dashboard page:

Note how we specify how many meters are in a lap (we default to 400 since we are track and field runners, not race car drivers, but we Googled this number of meters for the Indianapolis track).

You can define other parameters in the Activity dashboard page. You could allow multiple activities like Bike and Run/Walk so you could have leaders in each:

On the goal page, you can specify the number of laps – in this case 200 laps for a total of 500 miles…

As you can see, there are any number of ideas for challenges and ways to make them tangible and related to a specific cause or community. Let us know what idea you end up implementing!

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