Cycling Challenge with Elevation

Elevation has been added as a new type of challenge. This is very useful for cycling as well as mountain trail running. It allows challenges to collect both distance and elevation along with time all at once. Note the columns for Time, Distance and Elevation in this example:

Individual results will show details:

Let’s show how this is configured. Start by turning on the Enhanced Virtual Race feature and allowing multiple activities to be logged. There is a new field on the lower right which shows how results should be sorted – we selected elevation for this example. It shows that results are sorted by the elevation gain. That is why Matt is listed as first in the above results list because he did more elevation, even though Bob did more distance:

When setting activities, remember you can have multiple activities. In this example we have Run and Bike, so when participants log their activities they will have the option to select one or the other. The other item to note is that this setup requires both distance and elevation – these can of course be optional:

When setting goals, today we only allow one goal selection. This will change in a few weeks when we implement milestones and more flexible goal setting (including multiple goals like both distance and elevation). In this example, we are setting elevation gain as the main goal. Also note we are allowing individuals to set their own goal:

With those settings, participants will enter their activities with the ability to enter distance, time and elevation. Note at the bottom, there is a spot for setting your own personal goal since that is what was set up initially in the race director’s configuration:

Of course, we give users a little celebration page when they log their activity:

We look forward to continuing to innovate on providing our customers many challenge options to engage their supporters.

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