Team Results API

The foundation of our new Team Results, which is used for general Team Scoring and Cross Country as well as Virtual and Challenge events is our open Team Results API.

Virtual Races and Challenges need to set up Groups/Teams for their participants to create and join. Once they do, the team results will appear in the Results page as well as the Team Pages. The Race Director supports the API and generating Team results today. RaceDay Scoring will also be able to publish results to this API and will have support for it in time for XC 2020.

Most people will never have a need to understand or look at the API – they will just use the tools mentioned above. However, this is where third party scoring software can do integrations with the RunSignup Team Results platform.

See below for more details on the new Team Results API that we have built.

Team Results Overview

Team results use a separate API from individual results. In order to post team results, you must first create results teams. Results teams are different from groups/teams or corporate teams set up for race registration.

Typical Integration

A typical API integration for team results should follow this pattern:

  1. Create one or more individual result sets — This is where you can post team member result information if you want to show per member details per team. If you are already posting individual results, you can use the same result set.
  2. Create a team result set — This is the team equivalent of individual results sets.
  3. Add custom fields to team result set — This allows you to add custom fields to a team result set.
  4. Customize the team result set — This allows you to update column names, order, and visibility.
  5. Get race participants — You will need to have registration IDs to post team member results. This API will allow you to get participants for your race. If you have already implemented individual results, you probably already have this.
  6. Get existing result teams and create missing result teams — Your scoring software should have a list of teams. Prior to the event, you should make sure to create results teams for all of those teams.  Store the results_team_id with each team so you can edit the team and post results for the team.
  7. Post team member results — If you want to show team member details, you can post individual results for the team members and keep track of the result_id for when you post team results.
  8. Post team results — This API allow you to add, update, or delete results in your result set.
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