RaceDay Virtual Results Now Supports Personal GPS Activity Submission

RunSignup now supports the ability for participants to submit their virtual results by uploading their GPS activity recorded while using third party types of tracking tools. Participants record their activities for Virtual Events on a multitude of devices and platforms. Two very common formats of data are GPX and FIT, which services like Garmin and Strava use to store activity data.

We now give users the ability to quickly and easily enter in their activity data by selecting a GPX or FIT file from their computer. Their personalized data will automatically fill in, including the Distance, Date, Elevation Gain, and Time fields from the activity file being submitted.

This feature is available to all users without any need to enable it on the back end. Participants will see a Load Activity from File button while logging their Activity which they can click to open up a panel to submit a file.

After clicking the Load Activity from File button, a panel will slide out allowing you to browse for a file on your computer or mobile device.

After browsing for and selecting the Activity Data file, the fields for Date Completed, Distance in Miles, Elevation Gain, and Time will fill in automatically. The participant then clicks Submit.

You can learn how to export Activity data from Strava here and Garmin Connect here.

You can also manually grab a file from a Garmin device itself by following these instructions:

  1. Hit Browse
  2. Navigate to /Garmin/garmin/activities
  3. Select the apropriate activity file ending in .fit

This is just one of the many ways participants can submit virtual results when races enable RunSignup’s RaceDay Virtual Results.

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