RaceJoy Rocks: Demo of Race Anywhere

Launched at RunSignup’s Virtual Symposium

RunSignup launched RaceJoy Rocks Virtual 5K demo run/walk during this week’s Virtual Symposium. This is race anywhere virtual 5K where race organizers are able to experience the participant perspective or the supporting spectator perspective. An audio tour of RaceJoy’s key features is provided. Those that register and enter their provided bib number will also be able to experience automatic submission of virtual results.

RaceJoy Rocks Demo: Anytime, Anywhere

RaceJoy Rocks is now available to try out at any time. People can redo their run/walk to try to improve their finish time. Make sure to:

  1. Register for RaceJoy Rocks (needed for auto submission of results)
  2. Download RaceJoy App to your phone
  3. Access RaceJoy Rocks to set up your phone
  4. Click Start My Race as you begin

Participant Experience

Race organizers are able to experience the race anywhere features of:

  • Live participant tracking
  • Receiving progress alerts at every mile with personal pace updates
  • Hearing custom RaceJoy Rocks themed race experience
  • Receiving audio cheer messages from anyone tracking them.
Distanced-based Audio Cheer Example

Spectator Experience

Those using RaceJoy Rocks to try out the spectator side of things are able to:

  • Watch their participant’s blue dot move along the course
  • Receive in-app notifications of the participant’s progress
  • Send audio cheers to those they are supporting

RaceJoy Rocks: Audio Experience

One of the most important features RaceJoy has to offer race anywhere virtual races is the ability to schedule custom audio files for a more official race experience. The RaceJoy Rocks demo combined the “rock” them using rock music clips while giving an audio tour of RaceJoy’s capabilities.

Virtual Results Integration

Participants’ finishing time will automatically be submitted and scored using RunSignup’s RaceDay Virtual Results. Participants must register for the race and enter in their race bib number to have their results loaded.

Sponsor Placement Opportunities

Race organizers are able to see the ways in which a sponsor can be showcased for their event in RaceJoy, including:

  • Banner ads
  • Recognition with each progress alert
  • Logo placements in custom content sections
  • Logo placements in news alerts
  • Custom audio message (sorry, no commercials allowed)

RunSignup Virtual Symposium RaceJoy Rocks 5K

We had great usage at the symposium with 256 people using the app. Close to 200 phones were tracked and more than 1,300 progress alerts were issued.

Rock Experience

Part of the RaceJoy Rocks experience included asking people to share their rock photos whether it be a rock from the earth or rockstar photo of themself. People had fun with this part as shown with the photos below.

After the run, we did a debrief session and showed how the backend monitoring worked. We had runners/walkers from all over the country!

Thank You, Rockstars!

Thanks for all of you who rocked it at the symposium! It was great to see your enthusiasm. Rock On!

RaceJoy is Available Through RaceJoy Certified Timers

Check to see if your timer is certified or find one here.

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