RaceJoy Map Building Made Easier

As part of our effort to support RaceJoy Certified Timers we’ve adjusted the backend map building tool proactively troubleshoot potential issues and simplify the process. Timers are now presented with a diagnosis when they load in a map in RaceJoy and can then immediately address potential issues with the map configuration.

Map Diagnostic Tool

We’ve added a valuable map diagnostic tool for RaceJoy Certified Timers that will present a report of potential map issues for the timer to address. Issues may include proximity issues, out and back issues, missing finish point distance, cheer markers being placed too far from the course, and other marker placement issues.

Timers who have existing maps built can get a diagnosis of their map by clicking the Save button on the map screen.

Intermediate Points Automation

Now, when timers add intermediate points for cheers and other map markers, their location points automatically get added to the timing configuration table versus requiring manual entry. In addition, the progress alert and audio pace alert are automatically toggled off as these typically are not used at intermediate points.

Marker Distance Location Autofill

In addition, we’ve simplified the calculate distance tool by automatically populating the timing configuration table with the chosen mile point. Previously, timers would need to copy and paste location points.

Easy Cheer Loading

We recently also adjusted the way in which cheers can be loaded and timers can quickly load and edit these directly from the configuration table.

Preview and Share Map

Did you know you could preview and share the interactive course map you’ve built in RaceJoy? Just click the preview/share button at the top of the map screen and you can send the link to your race organizers to include in their online race materials.

RaceJoy’s development team is working on a number of other improvements to help Certified Timers in their management and support of RaceJoy. If you need assistance, check out the RaceJoy support tools loaded in RunSignup’s Support area.

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