RunSignup Virtual Setup 2.0 Timer Tip Tuesday Webinar Recap

Below is a recording of this week’s Timer Tip Tuesday, where RunSignup’s Crisp McDonald provided more advanced training on how to setup a virtual event with a focus on virtual results, RaceJoy, and Challenge events. We’ve introduced many improvements and features.

Basic Setup Points

Event Wizard Setup

  • Set each event to Virtual/Challenge type (even when there is a defined course with expanded race dates)
  • Make sure defined courses and virtual courses each have their own course setup so they can be enabled in RaceJoy.
  • Start and End times set correctly
  • Distance set correctly (sets the distance for RaceJoy)

Bib Assignments

  • Set up auto bib assignments (bib numbers required for virtual results)
  • Enable email notification of bib numbers

Virtual Results

  • Enable virtual results
  • Configure and setup result sets and alternate result sets as needed (watch video for greater explanation)


  • Enable each course for tracking
  • If missing a course, add it to the event wizard (can hide from registration)
  • Adjust processing types as needed
  • Complete any defined course setup


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