RaceJoy for Challenge Events Webinar Recap

RunSignup’s mobile app, RaceJoy, can now be used for distance-based challenge events and is fully integrated with RunSignup’s Challenge Platform. The recorded webinar below provides an overview on the features available for participants and for event organizers to help take their challenge events to the next level. RaceJoy offers an excellent way to provide an official virtual experience that connects with the participant as they complete their challenge.

The webinar also covers some key steps RaceJoy Certified Providers need to take to ensure proper setup.

Key RaceJoy Features for Challenge Events

For Participants

  • GPS Phone Tracking
  • Cheer Sending
  • Progress Updates at Every Mile
  • Automatic Submission of Performance Data
  • Official Event Experience

For Event Organizers

  • Custom Audio Experience
  • Custom Branding & Content
  • Sponsor Placements
  • Communication System
  • Event Monitoring Dashboard

RaceJoy ideal challenge events include walking, hiking, running, cycling, paddle boarding, kayaking, and escorted swimming. RaceJoy can be used for traditional on-site, on-site with flexible start times (hybrid), virtual race anywhere, and virtual challenge events.

Read more about RaceJoy for Challenge Events here.

Try a Demo of RaceJoy with RaceJoy Rocks

You can try out a demo of RaceJoy by registering for the free RaceJoy Rocks demo event and downloading the app.

This is a demo of RaceJoy’s Race Anywhere and Challenge Event experiences. It is designed for race organizers and timers who wish to understand more about how RaceJoy works and its features. You have three options to try:

RaceJoy Rocks 5K Anywhere:  Complete a virtual 5K distance from any location. To be completed in a single session. You can redo your 5K distance as many times as you wish. 

RaceJoy Rockstar Distance Challenge: This is an open distance virtual challenge. Complete whatever distance that you want and continue to add on miles in multiple segments. 

RaceJoy Born to Run Challenge: This is a fixed distance virtual challenge (78.2 miles) that is equivalent to the distance from Asbury Park, NJ to Atlantic City, NJ and offers a Springsteen themed audio experience. You can add on miles in multiple segments. 

RaceJoy is available through RaceJoy Certified Providers

RaceJoy is a available through RaceJoy Certified Timers. Races using RunSignup for registration receive discounted pricing. Certified timers are trained in RaceJoy and will complete the backend setup, configuration, and virtual results for races. Check to see if your traditional timer is certified in RaceJoy here or contact your RunSignup account manager for a preferred RaceJoy Certified Timer referral.

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