Guest Post – Engage Your Runners with Content – Their Voices Count!

This is a guest post from Dr. Alex Gometz of Prehab, which provides a set of services for runner injury prevention and recovery.

There’s so much noisy content out there, but we have created a survey that you can share with your runners that is fun, meaningful and different.

Topic: Injury Prevention to Run for Life

Assume that runners who participate in your races are passionate about running:  How many runners are so passionate that they consider it a lifelong sport? Is there a cutoff age that determines when someone should stop running?  In our experience, it’s not really age – but injuries (or lack thereof) – that determines the end/continuation of running. When runners learn how to run smarter – they can participate in more races per year and longer into their lives. They can also enjoy the sport to the fullest.

How can race directors contribute to the sport of running? Equally promote fun and safety.

Introducing Research Conducted by Prehab:

Prehab is a medically-based run clinic whose mission is to help runners: Run Smarter to Run for Life. Prehab is currently conducting research on why many runners get “stuck” in a cycle of injuries – many times – resulting in runners leaving the sport early or prematurely. Or sticking with it and toughing it out through pain and dissatisfaction.

Engage your runners with content – their voices matter!

As race directors, we hope you will not only support this research, but use this as an opportunity to engage with your audience in a meaningful way. Runners will have the opportunity to test their knowledge, learn what other runners think and ask questions.

Below is a sample email you can send to your runners, informing them of the research topic and how they can take the survey and get the results.

Note: Our experience shows that people need reminders and often miss emails. Please plan to send at least two reminders prior to the survey close. Thank you!

Take the survey for yourself and see how engaging it is! You’ll be sure to get the data.



Suggested email to your runners:

Subject: Help Us Keep You Running for Life

In case you didn’t know it, we are living longer. It was recently reported that over half of all children born today will reach the age of 90. Will you still be running when you reach 90?  We hope you will still be joining our races, along with your children, grand-children and even great grand-children! And we know it’s possible. Just look at the Masters.

Ongoing research tells us that when you learn to run smarter, you can run safely and successfully for your entire lifetime. And that’s why we are sending you this email. We know you are passionate about running and we want to keep our community involved as we evolve.

Check your knowledge of running in this current research survey and get the results directly to your inbox after the survey closes. Test what you know about running injuries, treatments, and trends that help optimize running efficiency. Find out what other runners have to say. Find out the latest new trends in running mechanics. You will also have the opportunity to ask a question or send in a comment.

Survey Closes December 15th.

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