Notification Email Upgrade

We have finished a long upgrade of the Notification Email system. We have over 60 types of notification emails the system generates automatically when certain events happen – like a user registered, or a donation was made, or a virtual race milestone was achieved, or a financial payment was made.

These can all be custom configured on who they go to (participant, team captains, race directors, partners, volunteer coordinator, etc.) as well as the content.

For the content, we have custom tags for dozens of data fields that get filled in automatically. For example, race date, donation amount, fundraiser name, donor name, Facebook share link, etc. Emails like a participant registration confirmation can include an automated calendar reminder.

The notifications have a clean, simple look. And race directors have full capability to customize the text, add data fields, and customize the HTML. Here is the edit page for participant registration confirmation:

A simple confirmation email will look like this:

All of these notifications have default responses and who is included. And you have the full power to customize any and all with:

  • Content
  • Data
  • Look and feel

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