What Happened to GoFundMe Charity?

In November 2019 we wrote about the abrupt brand and platform shut-down of Crowdrise following their acquisition by GoFundMe. While Crowdrise was designed for nonprofits, GoFundMe has been designed from the start as a platform for individual fundraising for many purposes. The change caused some concerns for nonprofits; however, GoFundMe mitigated some of these concerns by introducing GoFundMe Charity as their platform specifically for nonprofits.

GoFundMe recently announced a total shutdown of the GoFundMe Charity platform, beginning in March 2021. Nonprofits’ campaigns will not migrate to the generic GoFundMe platform, and both campaigns and data in the GoFundMe platform will be completely inaccessible. GoFundMe says that nonprofits can recreate their campaigns on their generic fundraising platform. This abrupt shutdown will make many nonprofits look for alternatives for a number of reasons:

  • Lack of control of your brand
  • Lack of control of your fundraisers
  • No custom donation receipts (receipts come from PayPal Giving)
  • No reporting functionality in GoFundMe (Donor lists only available through PayPal Giving)
  • Lack of control of your payments
  • Lack of real time financial dashboard and ability to reconcile
  • No recurring donations
  • No integrations or open API
  • No Facebook Fundraising integration
  • No registration, ticketing, or membership capabilities
  • No fundraising minimum auto-charge functionality

An All-In-One Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Solution

More than 9,000 nonprofits use GiveSignup | RunSignup’s flexible and free peer to peer fundraising options to raise money and engage supporters:

  • DIY Fundraising Campaigns: Create unlimited fundraising campaigns with GiveSignup’s new DIY fundraising campaigns. Beautiful websites feature your nonprofit’s branding and your fundraisers’ stories. The free Facebook Fundraiser integration lets you capture fundraiser data and empower them to raise more with connected Facebook Fundraisers.
  • Run/Walk/Rides: GiveSignup | RunSignup is the leading all-in-one registration, donation, and fundraising platform used by more than 9,000 nonprofits. As events start to return in 2021 and 2022, our free platform lets you offer hybrid in-person and virtual options, easy time slots for social distancing, and easy reporting.
  • Virtual Challenge Fundraising Campaign: Create a unique virtual challenge fundraising campaign. Our flexible platforms lets you create any type of challenge – steps taken, miles run/walked, good deeds accomplished, books read, etc. Allow participants to submit activities over a defined period of time, and automate engagement with milestones, badges, and notifications.
  • Virtual Run/Walk/Ride: Go virtual instead of cancelling your run/walk/ride to raise money this year! Our free tools make your event more engaging and fun, from easy to submit results to participant photo uploads to custom finisher certificates & bibs.
  • Charity Bib Fundraising: A growing number of nonprofits are using GiveSignup | RunSign for charity bib fundraising. Your free & easy to build website enables supporters to sign up for a charity bib, create a fundraising page, join or create a team, agree to an enforced (auto-charge) fundraising minimum, and create a connected Facebook Fundraiser.
  • Ticket Events: In addition to integrated donations and donation discounts, in 2021 we’ll be introducing the ability to link fundraising campaigns with ticket events so that your attendees can create fundraising pages for all of your ticketed events.

In addition to flexible ways to generate revenue and raise money, nonprofits are choosing GiveSignup | RunSignup as their all-in-one fundraising solution to raise more and save time for many reasons:

  • Control your brand: Design beautiful, free, and mobile-optimized websites for all of your nonprofit ticket events, donation and fundraising campaigns, and run/walk/rides in minutes. Feature your brand, your mission, and your messaging; with free custom domains and subdomains, your supporters see you and not GiveSignup.
  • Engage Supporters: Create a variety of peer to peer fundraising events to bring supporters closer to your mission. Send free emails and targeted drip campaigns. Use digital and social marketing tools to grow your supporter base and turn participants into donors and advocates.
  • Share Access: Unlimited, free, and flexible user permissions enable your team, your volunteers, and your supporters to control, view, access, and export the information that they need.
  • Report and Analyze: Optimize your fundraising efforts through easy to understand analytics on your Nonprofit Dashboard powered by GiveInsights. Simple summary, deposit, and transaction financial reporting and reconciliation means no more merchant reports, Vlookups, or chargebacks!
  • Save Money: We only make money from processing fees (4% including merchant fees for donations) that you can absorb or pass on to your supporters so that you get free websites, free domains, free email marketing, free Facebook Fundraising integration, free virtual and hybrid tools, and free DIY fundraising. No platform, monthly, or subscription fees. No lock-in contracts.
  • Save Time: Our easy to use and self-serve platform lets you create your DIY Fundraising campaigns, ticket events, donation websites and forms, and run/walk/rides in minutes. Powerful dashboards give you full control to generate revenue, share access, control your brand, engage supporters, report, and analyze.

One thought on “What Happened to GoFundMe Charity?

  • More an RSU race person than non-profit, nonetheless this news is a big deal. (I’ve donated to events thru GoFundMe and the Paypal piece is very disconcerting.) The CrowdRise acquisition in 2017 pulled the rug out from under some non-profits who were already struggling to learn how to make use of the tools in the e-commerce environment. RSU – GSU have the best customer management tools, which in many aspects are even more relevant for non-profits than races. I appreciate learning this news.

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