Join the (Free) Race Directors Run!

Our friends at Race Directors HQ are hosting a virtual run and registration is now live on RunSignup. We know, there are a lot of virtual races out there right now…but this one is a little different. Why run?

  • It’s FREE! There is no cost to participate, although donations are encouraged if you are able.
  • It’s raising money for a great cause. The run supports Girls on the Run, with an ambitious fundraising goal.
  • It’s all about community. This one is just for you – race directors, timers, and other professionals in the event industry.
  • It’s team-based. The run is so focused on the community that you’re required to join a team. But don’t worry – teams are just for fun. Create one for your race or organization or join an existing one. Everyone is welcome on the RunSignup team!
  • Get inspiration. See some of RunSignup’s tools for virtual races in action, including digital bibs, finisher certificates, integrated donations, RaceDay photos, and more.
  • It’s “Live”. The run will be using the Charge Running App for “live” experience. That means that, unlike most virtual races we see, all runners will be running at the same time, across time zones.

Want to talk more with your peers in the industry? Race Directors HQ also hosts the Race Directors Hub, a Facebook group that’s actually active, productive, and helpful. Join here.

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