Education Series for Onboarding New Timers

Helping you with your new crew!

Many timing businesses have hired new staff to support the resurgence of on-site events. To support our timers need for onboarding new resources, we created an education series to help train new timers and supportive staff on the basics of the industry and timing.

Sessions provide an introduction to a general understanding of the industry, what a timer does, the typical terms and jargon used, and the types of technology that is applied when timing events. We also provide training on RaceDay Scoring and the content caters to those that are new to the industry.

Check out the New Timer Series and share with your crew!

Note: The training does not cover how to use specific technology as we know each timing business is very unique. 

RaceDay Scoring Training: The easiest scoring software for new timers

If you have new staff that you would like to get certified in RaceDay Scoring, just send us an email. We will get them set up to watch the recorded session. Or if you have multiple people and want a personalized training session, you can set one up here.

If you’d like to schedule personal training for you or your crew, feel free to block some time on Crisp McDonald’s calendar here

Please note that the training provided is intended to help your new supportive staff understand the basics and is not designed to replace the training and onboarding process you typically provide new timers.

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