Partner Spotlight: Ashworth Awards Provides Amazing Lifelong Memories

We have always been hesitant to bring in sponsors for our Symposiums because we want to keep the focus of our events is on learning and improving events, not sales. But we are including a curated list partners that we know and trust for this year’s Winter Symposium, and we want to take a little time over the next few months to introduce you to a few of the companies that are supporting us (and our customers).

First up, Ashworth Awards, has been attending our Symposium for years and we’re excited to get them more involved in the event. Look out for some pretty sweet Suite Run medals!

Meet Ashworth Awards

Who is Ashworth Awards? We are a second generation awards company helping our clients provide their runners with amazing life long memories to share with their friends and family.

What products or services do you provide? We have a full line of Made in America medals as well as our traditional overseas products.

Who can we meet at the Symposium? Luke Baiungo, an Ashworth member in his 9th year full time. Luke is a former college athlete and has judged men’s gymnastics all over the country, including 3 NCAA Men’s gymnastic Championships. Today, he’s an avid runner and enjoys empty nesting with his wife while their 3 children are in college.

Stop by the Ashworth Awards table in the mezzanine area on Tuesday, 1/25 to chat about their Made in the USA medals. To follow up with Luke directly, you can reach him at:, 800.325.1917 x120 (office) 508.982.5586 (cell).

What do Customers Say About Ashworth Awards?

“In our industry there are lots of businesses that can provide the various supplies and services we all rely on to run a successful operation and make our customers happy. What often sets those suppliers and service providers apart is customer service. Ashworth Awards has always been a great team to work with and over the years I have a phenomenal rapport with Luke. He is responsive, easy to work with, and while one too many times I have put myself or an event in a precarious situation, Luke has bailed me out and got me what I need in time. Luke has long ceased to be a business partner and instead is a friend which is ultimately what makes this industry so great.

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