Webinar Recap: Introducing TicketSignup

On Monday, we introduced TicketSignup, our new offering that provides event directors with an intuitive and free event ticketing option that works for simple, complex, and multi-day events. Yesterday, Bob & Bryan sat down to walk through the key features of the platform and how you can get started today. Join them to learn:

  • How to decide if tickets or registration are appropriate for your event
  • Using free marketing tools like websites, email marketing, and referral rewards to grow your event
  • Flexible ticket setups to manage multiple days and multiple timeslots
  • Pricing options for ticket sales, including price increases, coupons, and discounts
  • Customizable information collection based on the ticket purchaser or the ticket user
  • QR codes and Text Service to speed checkout processes and eliminate lines
  • The mobile Ticket CheckIn App for a seamless event day
  • Free, integrated event photo platform

As with all our products, the TicketSignup platform is free to use, with no subscriptions, no long-term contracts, and no upgrade fees. You can view the event processing fees here.

You can use your RunSignup or GiveSignup login on TicketSignup.io to create your own ticket event today (or create an account if you’re new), and just like with a race, there is a draft mode on ticket events while you familiarize yourself with the platform.

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