Webinar Recap: Next-Generation Email Marketing in Registration

Next-generation email marketing is here! Get a look at the new Email Builder with out of the box and custom templates, dynamic data replacement tags, and more. As always, email marketing is free, and Email V2 includes:

  • Free unlimited email sends
  • Free unlimited email contacts
  • Upload your contacts AND custom information
  • Choose from default Participant contact lists
  • Design beautiful emails with the new Email Builder
  • Personalize email communication with data replacement tags – and not just first name, last name, etc. but things like last year’s donation amount, links to photos, QR codes for CheckIn, etc.

Join us to learn how you can get the most out of the free email marketing integrated into your event, see the email builder in action, and get a sneak peek at what’s coming next. 

Email Marketing FAQ

We had a lot of questions and excitement in today’s webinar, so we are including some additional resources to help you get started…

How do I use Email V2? Can I use it today?
Yes, you can use it today! Just go to Email V2 on your race dashboard. 

Do I HAVE to use Email V2? I have everything set up in the old email system.
For the immediate future, both platforms will run in parallel – you can use both. There are some features (such as automated emails) that are not yet available in V2, but you can still access those in the legacy platform. 

Where can I find a written how-to on Email V2?
On our blog! This walks through the main functionality of Email Marketing V2: https://runsignup.blog/2022/01/24/next-generation-email-marketing-for-registration/

What’s the roadmap for features on Email V2?
You can find our ongoing plan for Email V2 here: https://runsignup.blog/2021/09/03/email-marketing-v2-plans/. We have currently released through Phase 4.

When can we use Email V2 for clubs? Partner accounts?
Email V2 isn’t ready for clubs or partners yet (clubs will likely see it included when we roll out the new Memberships platform). However, we expect Standalone Email (I.E., the email platform not tied to any specific event) to be ready in the next month or so, and that can be used to manage emails to all types of lists.

Can I target emails to donors instead of participants?
Yes! You can do this now. When you Select Recipients (Email V2 >> Send Email >> Select Recipients) you’ll be able to access a variety of lists – you can toggle between All, Custom Lists, Participants, and Donors to filter the lists you see. The lists that show automatically are current participants/donors, but you can also click a checkbox to see previous participant lists and/or donor lists.

Can you explain how the include/exclude of lists works?
You should INCLUDE all lists that have (or may have) people that you want to email. Then, if there is any set of people who may be on the included list but shouldn’t get the email, you EXCLUDE that lists. Exclude always overrides Include.

The easiest example: if you want to email previous registrants who have not yet registered this year, you would include 2019 Participants, 2020 Participants, and 2021 Participants, and then exclude 2022 Participants to avoid emailing people who have already registered.

What’s the difference between Marketing and Transactional emails?
One of the really nice features in Email V2 is the separation of Marketing and Transactional emails because it allows people to unsubscribe from your promotional emails without them missing out informational emails. You will always pick a category for an email; Transactional Emails should be reserved for key logistics (such as Race Day parking and packet pickup) to ensure that participants don’t unsubscribe from informational emails. All previously unsubscribed participants from the legacy email system have been carried over as unsubscribes from marketing emails in Email V2.

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