Label Printing & In-App Support Now Available in RaceDay CheckIn v3.2.24!

We are happy to announce an update to RaceDay CheckIn that adds support for wireless (via WiFi network) label printing on the CheckIn Confirmation screen, and In-App Support.

We have added support for printing out Participant Details when confirming a CheckIn. This is really useful if you want to include details about the participant that you are assigning a bib to when checking them in. For instance, their shirt size so that they can pick up the correct option.

This has been tested with Brother QL-810w printers connected through a wireless network to Apple and Android devices by using the standard print service from the operating system. It may be possible to use other brand printers, but we have not tested them and do not know how well they will work. Chromebook systems will only support a direct USB connection to the printer due to driver support.

You can purchase a Brother QL-810w at this link: Brother QL-810W Ultra-Fast Label Printer with Wireless Networking : Everything Else

Setting up a wireless label printer on your network so that it can be connected to multiple devices that are also on that network is no simple task, and will take some troubleshooting and adjustments based on a variety of factors including networking setup, device settings and operating systems, etc. We have a guide with more info on getting started here.

It also is linked in the app when setting up label printing.

Added Label Layout Editor.

You can preview and customize what data is shown in the label using the Label Layout editor. You can include any piece of data that you have available to you and place them into 3 columns. You can include the field labels and pick the size and weight of the text on the label.

Available Fields:

  • Name
  • Event
  • Bib
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Giveaway
  • Race Name
  • Corral
  • Custom Question

Device Specific Settings:

  • Top Padding
  • Font Size
  • Row Spacing

Print Layout Settings:

  • Up to three columns available
  • Select field, give option to provide label with field or not
  • Option to make text size small, normal, or large
  • Option to make text weight normal or bold
  • Option to enter custom field with their own text (v2)
  • Respect preset settings when printing (hide element if hidden in preset)

Here you will also decide what label size to print to. For now, we support these three label sizes:

Additionally, we have a way to customize your specific device if there are issues with sizing or placement of data on the labels by giving you the ability to override these settings:

  • Font Size
  • Row Spacing
  • Vertical Adjustment
  • Horizontal Adjustment
Under Race Settings you can now set up Label Printing.
This will let you define the label size, and what data will show in the labels. You can customize many things like the font size, weight, and justification for each element. We have a default layout that you can use, but the customizations can be saved to your Preset and synced between devices.
When Label Printing is enabled, you can select the Print icon when confirming a checkin to print out a label with the information you have set up.

General Updates

Added the ability to submit a support request within the app.

This will fill out an email to our support team from your device with relevant details about the event that you’re working on and will attach any pending sync items to the email automatically.

This is available via the “Get Support” item in the main menu.

Simply share with whatever email client you use on your device:

Fill in the description of the issue, and send:

Updated UI and Fonts to be more consistent and readable throughout the app.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue when changing multiple pieces of data while performing an event transfer.

Fixed an issue when renewing a Race.

Fixed an issue when clearing a team bib number.

Fixed an issue when deleting a database.

RaceDay CheckIn v3.2.24 is available in App Stores now!

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