RaceDay Check-Ins Year-to-Date

RaceDay Check-Ins Indicate Participant Trend

We thought we’d share some insights with race organizers on the activity level we are seeing at races across the country by looking at the usage stats of the RaceDay CheckIn app. This activity gives us two key trend points: The number of events and the number of participant check-ins. By comparing current behavior to past usage, we are able to see indicators of trends in the industry.

The RaceDay CheckIn App has quickly become one of the most valued tools used by event organizers and is one that is free for RunSignup’s registration customers. Close to one million participants have checked using the app this year already!

The chart below shows the number of race events that used the CheckIn App for their events and compares years 2019 (pre-pandemic), 2021 and 2022. This shows a positive increase in events using the app; an average increase in 2022 of 33% compared to 2019 and 109% increase compared to 2021. This trend is consistent with other participant trend data we have explored that shows in RunSignup continues to have an increase in events using its platform. This may just be isolated to RunSignup as it continues to gain market share for a variety of reasons and not something that is indicative of the industry as a whole. However, it is a positive trend and good to see.

Next, we look at the number of participants who checked in through the RaceDay CheckIn App. What was interesting with this data is that it is also consistent with our deeper analysis that revealed there is less participation at events compared to 2019 (a 35% average decrease in 2022). However, compared to 2021 we see a consistent increase in check-ins this year from January to April (a whopping 221% increase) until this last month in May where things shifted and we experienced an 8% decrease in check-ins. Part of this may have been that last year, we had a surge of delayed events finally being able to proceed with their live event. Clearly, there was a huge jump from April of 2019 to May 2019 .

This will be something we will continue to watch. So far, during the first week of June we are seeing the same trend of an increase in events yet a decrease in participants checking in.

This reduced participant trend is reinforced by showing the check-ins per race data. We haven’t recovered to the 2019 activity level. Check-ins per race were showing an increased trend compared to 2021, but dropped off this last month.

We encourage event organizers to take an extra proactive approach with marketing and communications to help build energy and interest for their events. Re-engagement is key especially since many events have been on hold for the last two years. Recently, we hosted a Marketing Best practices webinar that covers ways in which to help increase registration and participant.

Also, a new release of the RaceDay CheckIn App was recently launched. Watch this recorded webinar or read this blog for more information.

If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact your RunSignup account manager or send an email to support at info@runsignup.com.

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