Optimizing Conversion During Checkout – aka Fast Registration

There are new entrants in the registration business that are coming who have the expertise of Facebook and Google employees who will talk about A/B testing and optimizing checkout and minimizing drop-outs during registration. They will likely promote it as new and much better than existing registration systems because they care about the user experience.

This serves as a useful reminder to race directors that you have a lot of power inside RunSignup to optimize the registration process for your registrants. We have always been sensitive to this as Bob was influenced early in his career when he was building his first user centric system and learned that the quality of the data decreases in proportion to the number of fields you ask users to enter. What we have built is a very flexible system that will allow for any level of complexity – and there is a ton of complexity in how diverse our user base is – from social to competitive teams to fundraising teams to teams paid by their company to just choose one area of focus where teams can be a great way to grow an event.

We worked on a pretty massive program called “Fast Registration” back in late 2015 and early 2016. It culminated in our ability to provide events with a 1-Click signup process. Can’t get much more optimized than that.

Here is a list of the items we worked on back then:

We have also come out with a super lightweight Ticket offering – TicketSignup.io with some very innovative ways of buying multiple tickets very quickly.

Combine fast registration with having your own website and email for free and tons of growth tools like teams, referral programs and social sharing, and this forms the foundation for growing your events with RunSignup technology.

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