Fast Registration – Reducing Data Entry

We are announcing the final step of our efforts to provide Fast Registration to the Endurance market. This gives Race Directors the ability to eliminate steps in the registration process during certain situations:

  • Mobile Registration (make it easy for mobile users to register)
  • Expo Registration
  • Date Range (day of race for example)
  • Specific URL (you can provide to certain people)

You can turn off almost everything in the registration process except Name, EMail, Password (you can turn elsewhere), and credit card information (unless you have a free event – in which case that is skipped as well). Here is an example for Mobile users:

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 3.48.51 PM.png

Mobile is an especially appealing place to try to minimize typing – 52% of visitors to RunSignUp come on mobile phones, but only 33% complete registrations since they get annoyed at so many fields to fill in. Race Day registration can also be simplified as well by participants using their own devices rather than kiosks – reducing equipment needs and reducing lines on race day.

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