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Mobile Google Search Improvements

We have added some new tagging to help Google recognize races on RunSignUp so they display high in search results. One of the things we added helps add an image to search results displayed on mobile phones, as you can see above on this search for "scott coffee". Note the image is taken from the... Continue Reading →

New Partner Participant Search

We have added a new Participant Search for partners to find participants across any of their races. The new search can now be refined across certain dates. It also allows you to download a csv file of all participants across all races who meet the search criteria.


Race Directors and Partners now have Google-like Search capabilities for their races. Simply type in most anything about a runner and find them across multiple years and events. For example in the example on the right, the search term was "bickel 2011" and it showed all the Bickel's signed up for the 2011 Turkey Trot.You... Continue Reading →