Financial Reports and Payments Update

Financials Update

RunSignUp has always been known as the fastest payment processor for races.  We have been making some very important changes to the financials system to provide better information to race directors, timers and partners.  The new financial reports allow you to drill down into each payment to the individual runner or donor to their exact transaction.  We also moved to a new processor for writing checks each Monday,

This coming week we will be completing the financials updates.  This may cause a brief downtime (a few minutes) for registrations on Monday mid-day.  There will be a number of important upgrades for scalability and testing, but the biggest improvement that you will see is in the payment report you receive with your check.  The image on the right shows a sample of what the report will look like.  It includes the highlights of the week’s payment, as well an overall revenue number and a specific webpage where you can see more details.

We are also adding the ability to specify a direct deposit bank account that will speed payment processing and eliminate the chore of depositing checks manually.  This can be specified in Step 1 of the Wizard.

Custom Web Address

We have introduced a simple way for you to set your own web address! Just go to the Customize Tab and Click on “Race URL”.  You will be able to set a web address like “”.

Our standard automated web address we create for you will still work. It is optimized for search optimization that includes your Town and State as well as your race name.  This helps the search engines find your race for runners searching near your town.  However, it can mean a long URL name for your brochures.

Note that if you have your own URL, you can use our Sites platform to create a whole website for that domain.

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