July Race Director Newsletter

Results How do you post results from your race?  Many timers will have a race site where they post results.  You can also useCool Runnings to post results. Athlinks does a good job of picking up many races automatically and then has cool features to match runner names across races. RunSignUp recently added results posting.  This is a simple […]

Refunds and Transfers

RunSignUp allows race directors to easily remove, refund or transfer runners between events.  Race Directors can either do this themselves, or allow runners to self manage this (and charge a fee). In this video, we show you how a Race Director can easily: Remove a Runner form a race Remove a runner and refund the […]

Rapid Development

RunSignUp has a number of advantages over older registration systems.  We’ve talked a lot about our Cloud architecture providing a scalable infrastructure. Our rapid pace of software development is also allowing us to meet the needs of our race directors and timers.  There are several important parts to this: Cultural.  We listen to our users […]

Confirmation Email Update

When runners signing up for your race receive a confirmation email today, it comes from info@runsignup.com. We are updating this to come from the primary race director’s email address.  This will make it simpler for runners to communicate directly with the race.  We are also providing an easy mechanism for you to set the email […]

Financial Reports and Payments Update

Financials Update RunSignUp has always been known as the fastest payment processor for races.  We have been making some very important changes to the financials system to provide better information to race directors, timers and partners.  The new financial reports allow you to drill down into each payment to the individual runner or donor to […]