July Race Director Newsletter


How do you post results from your race?  Many timers will have a race site where they post results.  You can also useCool Runnings to post results. Athlinks does a good job of picking up many races automatically and then has cool features to match runner names across races.

RunSignUp recently added results posting.  This is a simple and powerful way to have online registration and your race results a tab click away.  Timers can give you HTML, Plain Text, CSV, TSV and PDF files to upload.  Or give your Timer access to your race for easy upload.  You can also load past results as shown in this example.  Or you can point to a webpage and import the results.

Participant Management

In last month’s newsletter we discussed various forms of saving Race Directors time by having participant management capabilities such as refunds and transfers.

This month we are including this video that shows how Race Directors can achieve refunds and runner transfers simply with RunSignUp.  Next month we will show you an example of how you can let runners do their own refunds and bib transfers.  Take a few minutes to learn some techniques that could make your life easier!

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Results Video:

Refund/Transfer Video:

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