Sweat the Small Stuff

We have a couple of big things coming in the next week or two, but we are also paying attention to the little stuff.  We love to get feedback from users and while we may not always get to them right away, be assured we file them away and will get them done!

Here is a list of new features that have gone live this week:

  • Store Caps.  Now you can set the maximum number of items that can ordered in the store.  So if you can only fit 250 people at the pasta dinner, you can set that limit.
  • Event Ordering.  We used to auto-order your events.  Now you can place the Fun Run before or after the 10K.
  • Add Another Registrant.  This has been one of the most popular features on our site for a long time.  Saves typing and money so that a family can sign up together.  But some people miss the big button on the first page, so we added another on the confirmation page.

Keep those suggestions coming!

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