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Mobile Registration for the Young Crowd

Age-based Registration RatesWe have a Graffiti Run using RunSignUp.  We did some analysis and 47% of the people registering are doing so from a mobile device.  We see an overall rate of about 29%, so the increased rate is most likely due to the younger demographic than most road races see. (Note you can see the same demographic age breakdown and more in our Graphical Reports for your race)

We thought it would be interesting to capture what people are seeing on their iPhones and Androids.  While it is a lot of screens, it does provide a complete experience that is much easier to navigate for a mobile user than a full website.  Also, note that RunSignUp auto-detects if the user is on a mobile device and presents the mobile version of registration and has done so for over a year.  Watch for upcoming enhancements this summer that should make us an even more obvious choice for races who want to make registration easy for mobile users.

Mobile Registration 1
Step 1 – Graffiti Run Mobile Site
Step 2 - RunSignUp Information
Step 2 – RunSignUp Information
Ste 3 - Enter Runner Information
Step 3 – Runner Info
Step 4 - Waiver
Step 4 – Waiver
Step 5 - Shirt Size
Step 5 – Shirt Size


Step 6 - Join a Team
Step 6 – Join a Team
Step 7 - Join a Team
Step 7 – Join a Team
Step 8 - Confirm Information
Step 8 – Confirm Information
Step 9 - Coupon Codes
Step 9 – Coupon Codes
Final Step - Credit Card Info
Final Step – Credit Card Info

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