Multi-City Races and EMail

Multi-City Race SeriesWe have just made a nice upgrade on our free email service for multi-city races.  The nice folks at Run Like a Mother helped us design this.

They have a race on Mother’s Day in 9 different cities across the US.  Each city has a local race director, and there is a home office as well.  They wanted to be able to communicate with the participants in each city, as well as send a national newsletter.

Race ListWe upgraded our Partner Program and integration with iContact.  Now the National office can go to each individual race and send an email just to those participants and email lists they have uploaded in that city.  Each local city’s race director can also login to iContact and see the email reports for their city and questions and comments come back directly to them rather than the National office.

Partner DashboardThey can also log into their National account from RunSignUp and upload all participants from all cities and easily send email.  They have developed a common template that they were able to copy to each of the city accounts and customize a bit for each city.

There are lots of benefits to multi-city race series in our Partner Program.  Reach out to us to learn more.  And thanks again for this type of great user feedback.

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