Great Feedback on Clubs!

customer-feedbackPeople are lovin’ our new Clubs integration in RunSignUp!

  • “You’re right… that was easy!!! Thank you.” 
  • “So far my “playing” with the new site is going well. The site looks great!”
  • “On our current RCS site, I do a member search for Keller and it takes well over 1 minute. When I do the same search on the new Beta site Bob provides the link for below, it takes less than 1 second!”
  • “With this new version we can create mailing labels in less than 1 second.”
  • “This new version has a Membership view that lists all the family names under the single membership ID which is now visible. We can now customize the renewal letter, and set the email address that shows where the email is coming from, so it shows coming from PPRR instead of RCS.”
  • “And with this new version the financial report shows the breakout of the income by category. That’ll make the life of our treasurer much easier.”
  • “I just did a quick test of our deep URL’s and I’m happy to see they now direct to the new RunClubSignup site! Congratulations on such a smooth transition. This new version is really exciting and I look forward to working with it. “
  • “Great!  Thank you. That’s exactly what I needed.”

And my favorite:  “You guys are kicking your competition’s ass!”

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