New Participant Report

Participant SearchWe have released a new version of Participant Search.  It is fast, flexible, allows you to save your searches and lots more!

Let’s review the major features and how they are useful to Race Directors and Timers:

  • Summary InformationPowerful Search. We now give you more fields to easily search for. We also do fuzzy searches with this – for example it will help you find a person even if you don’t spell the last name exactly right.
  • Summary Info. Summary info now pops up to show you the specifics – this allows you to see the Participants faster.
  • View Imports. Let’s you view the people that were imported separately.
  • Customize ReportCustomize Report. Pick which columns you want to show.  Select the order you want them shown in – by Registration Date, by Alphabetical order, etc.
  • Save Report. Save any number of report views and recall them quickly.
  • Fast Access to Edit and Manage Participants.  Simple buttons to allow you to edit a registration, or make changes like switching events and refunding runners.

Here is a video demonstrating the features:

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