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Service“Help on a holiday.  I am impressed.”

We have a simple goal at RunSignUp – have the running community use our web services.

Our strategy for this is pretty broad, with one of the keys being self-serve for runners, triathletes, race directors, timers, running clubs and running stores. We try to make our web service easy to use and put up lots of videos and Help on each page (and this blog as well!).

However, people still need a bit of human touch! Our system has become very broad and capable. So customers need our advice, or occasionally run into issues that they can not solve on their own. To address this, we have invested in having very responsive customer support.

The best way to get in touch with us is via We monitor this email pretty continuously, and even have weekend coverage. Most emails are responded to within the hour. We do not have fast response time between 10PM and 7AM Eastern, but sometimes we surprise people because some of us will work strange hours 😉

The thing we are happiest about is that our investments allow us to stay ahead of our growth. In addition to the automation and extensive videos and help, we will be bringing on another technical customer consultant in September, Matt Sinclair. Matt will be teamed with Bryan Jenkins in our Richmond office, but be available to help all customers that need his expertise. He is a seasoned developer and knows our core technologies like Web, HTML, CSS, Javascript, SQL, PHP. He is also very customer-centric and will be available to help advise customers how to best use RunSignUp.

We will continue to make sure we are as available as possible to help the running community. Over the next 6 months you will see some new systems put into place for better knowledge sharing between our users, as well as capturing all of the questions and answers we accumulate for searching. This will help people learn from each other, as well as enable more visibility on our support system and response times.

This all feeds to our goal – have the running community use our services.

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