Financials for Partners – Part 1

RunSignUp has a Partner Program designed for Timers and Race Managers who have multiple races to manage.  As part of the new financial system, there will be a number of new capabilities that will be introduced initially and over time to make life easier.

The Partner revenue share reports will look off until after the first payments are made. This is due to a shift we made in how we handle the underlying data.  All of the data is still there, but until it syncs thru that first payment cycle the numbers will not add up. The reason is that we used to pay on a per race basis and this has been updated to pay across races.  We will be shifting to a monthly payment schedule for the partner payments rather than when a race concludes.  This should improve partner accounting and simplify things considerably.

All of the nice features for Partner reports across races will not be there when we do the initial release in a week or two.  This is because we want to get the basics out as soon as possible and then increment based on customer feedback.  We look forward to working with you!

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