New Financial Reports

This release happened in 2013.

The new Financial system we plan on releasing in the next week or two provides Race Directors a whole new level of ease of use and data visibility.  The new system will be up on our Test server ( with relatively current data next week – we encourage everyone to take a look.  Please send any bugs or suggestions that you see to us. Let’s go thru the pages:

Financial Summary – this gives you a quick snapshot over any time period and has a top level view of the major categories.  The categories like Transactions and Refunds on the left can be clicked on and drilled down into.

FInancial Summary


View Payments – provides a listing of all the payments that have been made.  It contains the date range of transactions included in that payment as well as a link to the specific payment information.

View Payments


Payment Information – This provides an overview of the payment information.  Like the first screen shot above it provides drill down int he specific transactions.

Payment Information

Transactions – These are the individual credit card transactions.  On the right you can see what each transaction was made up of and you can drill down to that specific registration or donation.

Transaction Detail


Download Excel Spreadsheet – You can download an Excel Spreadsheet of your overall data arranged by type of income (race fee, donation, store purchase, club membership, etc.) and expense (refund, coupon, etc.).

Excel Reports

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