Financial Beta Test

We have put up the new Financial system for beta test at The data is a few days old now, but you should be able to login with your regular username and password and see your Financial Summary, past payments, etc – only with the new interface. We want to get as much feedback as possible – so we have made it available to everyone! Here are some overview blogs on what is coming:

Financial Reports
Direct Payments

Here are the major areas of change and where you can look for potential bugs and suggestions.  Our intention is to do more testing this week and release by early next week. We still have a number of features we will add on post release, so keep suggestions coming!

General Finances

Check that the Financial Summary page matches the totals on the existing system. Note since the data is a bit old, you may want to set the date range on both systems.

Check that the refund reserve is updated properly when issuing refunds.
– Also, the refund reserve should be reduced when there is a pending participant transfer (non-gift)

Check that new races and clubs can be set up properly.
 – Please don’t try to copy any existing race since the missing images will mess it up.  You can copy any new race that you create.

Check that the financial reports correctly reflect direct payments (i.e. sub merchant) for all the different transactions listed below.  Note that if the race has a refund reserve hold, the first few transactions go into our merchant account.

Registration with donation & store
Separate race donation
Separate race store purchase
Club memberships with donation & store
Separate club donation
Separate club store purchase
Paid event transfer
Paid gift transfer
Add-on participant management
– With paying extra
– With reducing total add-on cost below original amount paid
Giveaway participant management
– With paying extra
– With reducing cost below original amount paid
Paid corporate team creation
Corporate team invoice payment
Adding to the refund reserve (via credit card)


Check that items inventories are tracked properly.

Wizard Setup

You can set up direct payments for races and clubs on the Payment Details step of the wizard.  Put “approve_me” as the first name or Braintree won’t approve it.  You’ll see that it was approved after about a minute by reloading the Payment Details page.  You might want to suffix the merchant id with “_test4” to prevent issues with other test servers.

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