Financial Reporting for Races – Complete Guide

The Financial Summary page contains both a high level snapshot of the finances for your race, as well as a number of ways to drill down into the data. ¬†We also try to provide Spreadsheet downloads that are helpful for reconciling. This blog post will cover everything from top to bottom. Here is a video, […]

Edit Questions Responses

We have now added the ability for runners and race directors to easily edit the responses to Custom Questions that are asked during registration. This is particularly useful for races, clubs and other technology partners who need to keep accurate information over a period of time, or are feeding other important databases and applications. NOTE: […]

Even More Customized Questions

We have extended the ability to ask Custom Questions during registration to ask for specific types of information: Date Phone Number EMail Address Whole Number Positive Whole Number Decimal Number This assures that when a runner is answering a question, they fill in the right type of information. The Date Function is nice because it […]