RunSignUp Go and Results 2.0 Released

RunSignUp GoRunSignUp Go Brings Race Day Together with open platform of over a dozen race software solution vendors

RunSignup Results 2.0 – State of the Art Results and Notifications

RunSignUp is pleased to announce the release of RunSignUp Go and RunSignUp Results 2.0. These advances are based on collaboration with over a dozen technology partners to allow races and timers to provide the best race day experience to their runners and triathletes without worrying about technology lock-in.

RunSignUp Go is a strategic effort to help bring race day together for race directors and timers. RunSignUp Go provides an open platform to connect the various parts of race day. This means existing tools and technologies can be tied together, and there is choice and freedom to add and change vendors – whether for registration, results, bib assignment, mobile, race scoring or chip timing technology. No lock-ins!

RunSignUp Results 2.0 adds important Mobile, Kiosk, and Runner Tracking and Notification capabilities so that any size race can bring big race levels of service to their participants.

“We have timed the McGuire’s St. Patrick’s 5K Run for a number of years,” said Neil MacDonald, President of Event Tech Services, Inc. of Sylvester, Georgia.  “This year we are expanding the results and notification service available to runners and their friends and family by partnering with RunSignUp Go and the new RunSignUp Results 2.0.  We selected RunSignUp to host our results because it is tightly integrated with our scoring software, RunScore.  The RunSignUp Kiosk and Mobile Results also includes quick QR Code lookup, bib and name searching.  In addition, runners can sign up for notifications of race results via text or email.  Friends and family will also be able to track runners easily by signing up on the website or Facebook before the race. Since it is a predictive race with over 10,000 finishers, we are working closely with RunSignUp and the race to assure a great experience for the runners and their friends and family.”

“Technology advances have provided the ability for race directors and timers to provide a great race day experience to runners and triathletes,” said Bob Bickel, RunSignUp Founder. “We worked with over a dozen partners and many, many race directors and timers to come up with a way to bring all of this technology together. This open platform allows races to adopt technology in bite size steps and feel comfortable they are not getting locked in.”

RunSignUp Go provides the following key elements:

  • Race Day Registration. This includes online registration, enabling smart phones and kiosks, as well as tracking cash payments in addition to credit cards. And real time syncing with Timer software from The Race Director and RunScore to eliminate paper entry scrambles.
  • Bib Assignment. A completely flexible set of bib assignment options that includes state of the art Dynamic Bib Assignment which supports bib pickup in multiple locations and times. Also works with Virtual Race Bags.
  • Race Day or Expo Check-In. Enables real time check-in. Hand out bibs either pre-assigned or dynamically. Make it easy for volunteers to see race t-shirt sizes and other items purchased by each runner. Check-in on Kiosks, Chromebooks, iPads, even mobile phones. Works with Virtual Race Bags.
  • Participant Editing. Need to make last minute changes at Check-in? Easy. Does your timer need to update info in their timing software – do automatic syncing of changes done at checkin or in the timing software to make sure everything is in sync.
  • Results, Notifications and Videos/Photos. RunSignUp offers free results and tracking/notifications. And we have a rich set of partners like My-FinishXactAthlinksLapioRaceJoyRaceFace and RunScore Results to provide various levels of results, videos and photo solutions.

RunSignUp Results 2.0 provides these key features:

  • Easy upload, including tight integration with The Race Director and RunScore.
  • Simple collaboration between race directors and timers.
  • Full Results Display with Search, Customizable columns, column ordering, split and triathlon support.
  • Individual Results, including Custom URL, QR Code, and customizable Finisher’s Certificate.
  • Mobile Results
  • Kiosk Results
  • Custom Bib and QR Code capabilities
  • Notification and Runner Tracking. Right in registration, as well as afterward. Social sharing via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc.

RunSignUp Go and RunSignUp Results 2.0 are available immediately. There will be demonstrations at the RunSignUp Timer Training in San Antonio on Sunday, January 19, 2014.

About RunSignUp
RunSignUp is the leading innovator of online tools for Races and Running Clubs.  Services include RunSignUp for race registration, RunSignUp Go for Race Day, RunSignUp Clubs to enable membership management.  Over 3,000 race directors, timers, and running club officers use these services today.  Services are free except for processing fees when conducting monetary transactions like race registration or club membership renewals. RunSignUp is founded by runners for runners, using technical capabilities to bring the power of cloud computing to benefit the running community.

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