RunSignUp Results 2.0

Kiosk Results LookupWe are rolling out Results 2.0. As with our other 2.0 releases, this is based on some great feedback from timers, race directors and runners. Here are the highlights:

  • Mobile and Kiosk Quick Lookup by Bib or Name
  • Individual Results
  • QR Codes and Unique URL for each finisher
  • QR Code File for Custom Bib Printing with Name and QR Code for Finishing
  • Full Notifications via TXT or EMail
  • Track A Runner is part of Registration Path, Available via lookup, as well as social sharing on Facebook, Twitter and others
  • Alternative Results Support for My-Finish, Xact, AthlinksLapio, Racejoy and RunScore Results.

All of the great features from the first version continue forward. Most importantly the tight integration with the leading scoring systems The Race Director and RunScore. Let’s dig into the details…Race Results Setup

Consolidated Results Set-up
We have consolidated all of the various options for Results into a single place under the Results Sub-Tab under Participants.

Uploading Results
We offer a wide variety of ways to upload or link results. This ranges from simple linking to another webpage, to uploading PDF’s, to uploading a file with your own custom headers to uploading to our format, which provides auto-calculation for things like Age Grading, Age and Gender placing and Divisions, and pace.

The most popular way to upload results is from the timing/scoring systems – RunScore and The Race Director. These are the most popular tools used by timers to score races. They are tightly integrated with RunSignUp so results can be uploaded directly. The other big advantage is that they tie results to the people who registered. This enables nice features like Notifications when results are uploaded as well as saving and searching for specific runners.Results DIsplay

General Results Display
Once results are uploaded, they appear in a Results Tab for the race. The display shows each set of result information, in this example both the 5K and the 10K.

Results ListingThe Race Results has a number of features:

  • Full Search. Enter town, first name, bib number, or anything that is displayed. The search is auto-complete like Google.
  • Customize Columns. The example at the right is for the Race Director. Clicking on the Blue Edit button allows the Race Director or Timer to customize which columns are displayed and what the column heading says.
  • Order Columns. You can also drag and drop columns to be on whatever order you want.  Simply drag the Name column to the left of the Bib Number column and it happens.  Then click the Save Column Order blue button.
  • SplitsSupports Triathlons and Splits. Since you have control over the columns, this fully supports Triathlon results display with event and transition times. It can also be used for splits in longer runs like a marathon showing the 10K, 20K, Half, 30K and 40K splits and final time with pace per segment if you upload the data. Results SetupHere is a nice video that shows how these types of splits can be uploaded from RunScore.

Results Setup
There are a number of things that can be accessed and configured in the Results Setup:

  • Allowing people to sign up for Notifications when Results are posted.
  • Results links for
    • Main Results Page
    • Results Kiosk
    • Participant Lookup & Tracking (adding someone to receive notifications)
  • Timer Access – specifying who your timer is so they can have access to the proper information and set up pages on RunSignUp for your race.
  • Bib and Chip Assignment – a variety of ways to upload and set bibs and chips
  • Race Division Setup – for doing age and gender divisions for scoring and results

Individual ResultsIndividual Results
Individual results display the relevant information uploaded by the timer. The custom columns will show at the bottom under the time and pace – in the case on the right there is a special column showing custom text like Top Resident, along with the more normal age group place and finish.

Individual Results can be accessed from a variety of points:

  • The full Results page – just click on the name.
  • Kiosk lookup via bib or name.
  • Mobile lookup via bib or name.
  • Custom URL for each individual result
  • QR code that contains each individual result – for example this can be printed on custom bibs for each runner.

Kiosk Results LookupMobile & Kiosk Results
The new Mobile and Kiosk lookup are designed for fast and easy access. This enables race directors and timers to use kiosk systems for race day registration, checkin as well as results after the race.

The design allows for multiple participants to be displayed, as well as a full results browsing capability at the bottom. You can set up the kiosk to auto refresh every 60 seconds. It also displays a QR code so mobile phone users can quickly point and shoot and bring up results on their phones.

Custom Bibs with QR Codes
One of the new reports allows the race director to generate a csv file of participants along with a custom URL for each participant that links them to their own results and notifications page. Races can now easily send this off to their custom bib printer to have a unique QR Code printed onto each bib for easy result lookup.

NotificationsNotifications & Runner Tracking
We have had free TXT and EMail notifications for over a year, but this release improves usability significantly. First, we have made signing up for notifications a standard part of registration. This autofills the phone number and email entered on the first page of registration, as well as add three other phone or emails.

Each runner gets a custom page for allowing others to sign up to track the runner.

Track a Runner

In addition, the Find A Runner has been expanded to show how to track a runner easily. Find A Runner can either show a searchable list of all participants, or it can be a lookup screen so people will need to know the runners name or details. The screen shot at the right shows the results of a search on a last name.

Partner Result Solutions
As nice as RunSignUp Results 2.0 is, we realize there are lots of great solutions. So we have done integrations with many of the top Results solutions in the race industry. For all of these, you can tightly integrate them with RunSignUp.  They can work alongside RunSignUp Results or replace it as appropriate for your race. These solutions include:

  • My-FinishMy-Finish is a central site provided with The Race Director where participants can plug in their race bib or last name and view their results. Integration with RunSignUp allows the ability to send results immediately for near real time result listings on the web and mobile.
  • XactXact is a messaging and social networking platform designed as a service. Xact Raceday Alerts sends progress alerts to athletes and their friends/family during participatory sporting events. Xact is used by some of the largest races like the Marine Corps Marathon and the Disney Marathons.
  • AthlinksAthlinks provides the largest results database and gives the runner the ability to claim any result in the system. Athlinks can replace RunSignUp results with a simple widget or run in parallel with RunSignUp Results and allow runners to link directly to Athlinks and claim their entry.
  • LapioLapio is an all-in-one race management and timing software designed to provide race directors, race timers, and athletic clubs the ability to easily manage and time their events by using cloud technology and patent pending automated hardware timing synchronization to increase the speed and accuracy of timing events like never before. It fully syncs with RunSignUp Participants. RunSignUp Race directors can enable this service very simply and add only 50 cents to the processing fee per participant to get this functionality.
  • RaceJoyRaceJoy equips running and triathlon events with a powerful marketing tool by creating a mobile version of the race. Through RaceJoy, race events are able to bring value to sponsors and a joyful experience to athletes and their friends and families.
  • RunScore ResultsRunScore Results provides timers a very simple way to publish results right from their RunScore software at the race. Since it is based on RunSignUp technology, it works very closely with our Participant data and can either run in parallel or replace RunSignUp Results.

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