Xact – RunSignUp Integration

XactXact is one of the leading platforms for real time results reporting and notification. They are an important part of the RunSignUp Go strategy to help bring race day together since they provide a higher level of capabilities than the RunSignUp Results and Notifications system.


Xact is well known as the results system behind large races like the Marine Corps Marathon and the Disney race series. They have a real time system that supports high volume, splits, notifications, finisher certificates, etc.

The integration with RunSignUp allows for runners to sign up for notifications right within the race registration. This reduces effort on the runner’s part, increases accuracy of data like cell phone numbers, and gives a very integrated solution to races.

In addition, friends and family can register to track runners since the RunSignUp and Xact systems are always in sync. So as soon as a runner registers in RunSignUp, their friends will see them on the Xact list of participants they can track.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 2.21.22 PMIn addition, on Race Day, Xact and RunSignUp are tightly integrated with the race scoring software from RunScore and The Race Director to make sure participant information and results data is synchronized and accurate.

Contact us or Xact if you want to learn more.

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