Bib Assignment and Check-In 2.0

Check-In PageAs part of our RunSignUp Go race day efforts, we have made a large set of improvements to our Bib Assignment and Check-In capability.

(We have more recently added a Chrome App that allows local label and receipt printing and a native Apple and Android app.

Check-In PageCheck-In is used in a wide variety of cases now – Race Day check-in with T-Shirts and Bib Assignment, Expo pickup, and increasingly for early packet pickup at running stores.

Here is a quick rundown on the new features:

  • Kiosk mode option. This gives you a full screen with less clutter to do check-in.
  • Search by registration ID.  We have added a barcode to the confirmation page and E-mail. So runners can now bring in the confirmation and if you have a scanner, you will be able to check them in quickly.
  • “Limit Access” option. This let’s an authorized person give only check-in capability to others.  This way a race director can set up 20 different check-in stations.
  • View custom question responses (like predicted time or emergency contact) in the check-in popup.
  • View group/team in Check-In page.  The name is a link to see all registrations on this group.
  • Option to auto-check-in when bib number is entered.
  • New “Linked Registrations” on the Check-In page to see all registrations on the same transaction. This makes it easier to check-in a family that registered together.
  • Check-In ReportCheck-in report. This can help track numbers of check-ins by day, by person who checked them in, or by a “Location” option.   Coupled with the ability to set an identifier in the Limit Access set-up, you can easily track different locations.  For example, if packet pickup is at any of the 3 running stores in town you can see which store has checked in how many people.
  • Set a group bib from the popup.  This is useful for doing dynamic bib assignment and can assign a single bib number to a whole team.
  • Added “Assign bibs to people who have already registered.” to the setup for assign bibs at registration time.

We will be coming out with full documentation and videos in the near future.  Until then, make sure you practice some before you use the check-in and bib assignment tools.  Since we had to accommodate a lot of different ways that race directors and timers and store owners wanted to do this, there is a lot of power and a number of options. But don’t be afraid – this stuff can really improve life once you have the process down!

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