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The Race DirectorWe have been collaborating with The Race Director and a number of timers to make sure this integration is easy to use and powerful.

Chuck Block from Michigan Running Foundation was having an issue where when he chose to score a race by chip time and a runner did not have a chip time due to a problem on the course, they were not being placed into their age divisions correctly. We were able to make an update, so that when scoring by chip time, if a runner does not have a chip time it then uses the clock time to place them in their divisions instead, but it does not actually insert the runner’s clock time as their chip time on the results display.

Here is the display:

IronDog 5K Results

2 thoughts on “The Race Director – Some Nice Results

  • Interesting! That’s a nice flexible feature, but is there a possibility two people could receive the same division place or is there something to prevent that? If for whatever reason I don’t have a chip time (fortunately very rare), I assign chip time to be clock time. Or even move the chip time a few second faster if the participant can credibly say where they started.

    • Division place is all controlled by The Race Director and provides those features. So those age group places you are seeing are being pushed over from The Race Director.

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